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Tips on Picking the Right Shoes if You’re a Nurse

Some jobs require a person to stand on their feet nearly the entire day with few breaks, and this can certainly take a toll on the feet over time. Nurses in particular need to be thoughtful about the kinds of shoes that they choose to wear all day, and so it’s important not to be cheap or inexact about this decision—the health of your feet, legs, and even lower back could hang in the balance.


Before you pick your next set of work shoes, let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you find the right pair for you:


Be exact about size.

Ill-fitting shoes can be a nightmare when it comes to repetitive motion injuries, and in this case, the problem is entirely preventable. Be sure to measure your feet, paying special attention to get a size that accommodates both of them well and that gives you plenty of room to wiggle your toes. Don’t assume your size, either, since different shoe brands run differently. This is why it’s often best to shop for shoes in person so that you can try them on. Too loose, and your shoes will shift around uncomfortably; too tight, and you could cause pain and impair your circulation.


They should fit from Day 1.

Be particular about having usable shoes from the moment you buy them. If they are too tight and seem like they need to be loosened up through use, that means that they don’t fit. Find another pair that doesn’t need to be worn in to be comfortable.


Pick light shoes.

You don’t want your shoes to be a ball and chain. Remember that you will be carrying that weight around on your feet as you walk all day; you want something that is as lightweight as possible to avoid repetitive motion injury and fatiguing your lower body in general. They may not always be pretty, but many molded lightweight plastic shoes like Crocs have been a hit in the health care industry because of this.


Find slip-resistant shoes.

Hopefully, you won’t be wading knee-deep in your patients’ bodily fluids every single day, but accidents do happen, and you’re going to need shoes that can keep a grip on the floor even when there’s wet or greasy residue. This will help to keep you safe no matter the conditions.


Consider running shoes.

Maybe you don’t like the way Crocs look or you need some extra cushioning to absorb the shocks of your sprints down your hospital wing. In that case, consider getting some nice athletic shoes. These will have a high level of shock-absorption as well as durability, and you can often find them with many other orthopedic features.


Above all, when you’re searching for that perfect pair of shoes for your nursing career, try to pick a pair that fits the shape of your foot a closely as possible. Find one with an arch that matches yours closely, as well as a similar width. Since you will be wearing these shoes for most of your day, it’s worth it to do some research and invest some time into finding a truly comfortable pair.

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Tips to Know Before Taking Photos


Photography, whether from the phone or a camera, is a great love of many people these days. We come across some amazing pages on social media which showcase some really admirable images. But how do they get such incredible images? And yes, we have that one friend in our group who is great at snapping images from smartphone even! Hey, stop envying them! And gather some simple tips to know before taking photos.

  1. Simplicity:

Steve Jobs has said it right that simplicity is sophistication. And this is why a simpler image is better than the one which is trying to cram in too much of everything. Don’t take too much into the frame. If your focus is on the background, keep it simple. Do not add extra things inside it.

  1. Flash Flash!

A lot of people do not use flash and that is alright. But sometimes you need to do so, to make your phots come to life. Using the flashlight outside helps a lot. If you are in contact with too much sunshine than keep your flash on before you tell someone to snap a photo of you. You wouldn’t want a black image of yourself with a wonderful view at the back? Would you?

  1. Get a New Angle:

You don’t have to take a photo by keeping your camera at chest height. You can get some amazing images by changing the angle a bit. You can take a photo from the lower angle and see how incredible it looks. So get a new angle and create something more happening and memorable.

  1. Height of the Object:

People who love their pets and want to shoot them, make one big mistake: they take it from their height length. This does not focus on the pet. Same is for children. You need to get down to their height and then snap a photo of theirs so that they look great and the image snapped is lovable as well.

  1. Shadows:

Mostly people do not make their shadows appear in an image and that is where they lose the chance to gain a great photo. If you want something extraordinary; it is great to make your shadow appear in the photo as well. This gives and artistic look to the image and makes it more special.

Apply these amazing tips before taking photos and see the magic work.

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Importance of Art in Everyone’s Life

Are you struck by depression really often? Are you stuck in a certain phase and you’re not being able to retrieve out of it? Or maybe you are just losing interest in your daily routine errands? Let’s just sum it all up and say: are you getting bored of life?


You are probably demanding for some creativity and shot of happiness and satisfaction; aren’t you? And you probably don’t know where to get it from! Let me just say that you won’t get it in your favorite designer boutique and you won’t be able to have the satisfaction feeling for long by getting a haircut (you are probably going to hate it after a while). But you are definite to find it all in ART! You just need to add more art to your life and you are going to feel the happiness and satisfaction turn into a long term relationship with you.

Why is Art Important?

From a 5-10 year old child to a hippy youngster of 18 and maybe a mature woman/man of 35 or 40-everyone can have art and make it work for them in their own way. You won’t be a baby if you draw something at 40 and you won’t be any fewer hippies at 18, if you are painting something!

Art is important (be it in any form). Some people find happiness in music-it is art. Painting is said to be the biggest mind therapy for making depression run away; the best form of art again. Sketching is said to make you relieve agony and stress; it is yet art again! And you are able to throw your anger onto a canvas; the best thing to do with art-play with colors. Art is love and humanity and everything that can add purpose to your thoughts and make you more motivated and energetic.

It is traveling off to places that you have never seen and it is drawing your own animated character or maybe it is just about doodling while you are so sick of all your business deals and meetings. It brings in peace and gives you a meaning and purpose to add to your life.


Can’t Express? Make them work with Art

Not everyone is expressive and that is okay. Sometimes the feelings felt are so strong that expressing them through words becomes a dilemma. This is where art comes in. Painting is said to be the best form of expressing yourself.

A blank white wall is simply life. And if you throw a tomato on it, it is pure anger: orange and red colored and DE shaped. But after a while, the color of the tomato grow’s pale but you still have a scar on the plain white wall and life no longer remains pure. This is what art makes you become; an artistic genius. With art, you are able to convince people of anything and everything and that is what makes you an artistic genius and you stand out as well.


The crux of matter is that our daily routines are too much hectic. We probably don’t have time for our family and friends and not even for ourselves. But this is where, art makes you soothe you and escape the wild world for some time. It allows you to walk out of the cage of responsibilities and expectations. While you paint, you listen to music, you sketch something, or maybe you street paint or you simply travel; it’s you and your form of art that you adore. It is out of the world and it makes you fall back into your purpose and working mode with new energy and positive vibes.

So, throw yourself into art whenever life sucks!

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